Rev Julie-Ann smiles while she wears a rainbow  stole.


I am happy you have arrived here. I am a life long Unitarian Universalist with a long and deep history in our ministry. My greatest love in ministry is working for transformation. I began ministry in a small struggling congregation that became a healthy vibrant congregation over our time together. I like to believe that transformation is the magic word for life and ministry. Humans and congregations are always transforming as we grow and experience new things. I hope I will have the chance to join with you and your congregation and together we can experience both the joys and stuggles that come with transformation, and by ministering with one another we will successfully come through to a new normal.

It is my sincere hope that you will find on this site information about me as both a person and as a minister. No one can fully describe themselves or their ministry in words and images but this is a start, my introduction. I hope we will have the chance to talk and to eventually meet so that you can gain a fuller understanding of how I, as a minister, might be a good match for your congregation and how we might have a healthy ministry together.

Why Rev. Julie-Ann?

A lifelong Unitarian Universalist, I have experienced congregations of all sizes and theologies, varied governance structures, budgets and financial condition; I have found something wonderful and challenging about each of them, the fun of ministry is working through the challenges and embracing the positives. No matter where I have traveled on my spiritual journey there has been a place for me in Unitarian Universalism.  I am ready and enthusiastic about embarking on a new chapter in ministry. I hope to minister with a congregation where I can share the skills and knowledge gathered over my 23 years as an ordained UU minister, and years more of lay involvement. I love sharing our faith and being engaged in the local community. I strongly believe that in this age of people who identify as spiritual but not religious Unitarian Universalism has a lot to offer if only people knew we existed! I hope to partner with a congregation that wants to reach out to those who are UU's but simply have never heard of us. Over my many years in congregations I have never ceased to meet people who state that if they had only known about UUism they would have joined years earlier. I feel there is no need to convert people we simply need to spread the word of our existence and celebrate all that we have to offer people.

I am a dedicated Unitarian Universalist who has served as a minister in a variety of settings from a small congregation in a small town to a large congregation on the edge of a major city. I am creative, fun loving,  dedicated to lifelong spiritual growth and development, I love people of all ages, and making worship inspiring, fun and challenging. Social justice is at the core of my approach to life, from my early childhood my parents instilled in me the need for racial justice and quality education for all. Recently my husband and I participated in the Marching in the Arc conference in Birmingham Alabama and walked with 70,000 others across the Edmund Pettus Bridge this has added fuel to the fire of my passion for working to achieve social justice. Hopefully as you go through this website you will find for yourself that I would be a good match for your congregation.

"Reverend Julie-Ann's greatest gift is to help individuals understand that as difficult as transition may be, the outcomes can be every bit as rewarding."

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