Drummer Chalice

The Different Drummer - October 2009

Musings from the Minister

Deepening our relationships, our spirituality and congregational self-esteem were themes that came out of the weekend retreat with our District Executive Lynn Thomas last month. I was extremely grateful to be reminded of the importance of these three areas for the health and well-being of our UUCGB community.

In the series of conversations we held about responsibilities and priorities, I was reminded of how easy it can be to become complacent and accept things as they are—forgetting that we can be the change we want to see. Sitting together and discussing our church and the ways in which we do things really helped many of us see the church through eyes we don’t typically look through, much like the reading sample that circulates from time to time that can be clearly read even though it is missing certain letters.

Many church members and I see the church with the blinders of familiarity. It is with deep gratitude that we were helped to see the church facility and some of our accepted behaviors through the eyes of newcomers who can remind us to pause and really look at what we are doing and why.

The questions I find myself asking are “Why? Why are things the way they are? Is that what we want? Or is it simply what we are accustomed to?”

We recently completed a major change, one that we had talked about for a long time. A flaw that we had found to be a barrier to all forward movement has now been eliminated! Thanks to all who contributed and some really fine research, we now have a new roof on all sections of Fellowship

Hall and classroom structures! Now that we have gotten our roof replaced, we no longer have an excuse or a reason to hold off on other projects to enhance our church facility.

Our goals must be realistic, and achievable. We have shown that we can raise money and complete tasks that we consider critical to our health and well-being. Now we can begin to look at projects we can accomplish together and that will move us forward to showcase both the look and the feel of the warm and welcoming congregation we want to model for all who come as guests or friends.

I look forward to seeing the many projects we will come up with and the creative ways in which we will execute them.

See you in church!

Rev. Julie-Ann Silberman-Bunn