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I wrote this Credo at the end of a Building Your Own Theology class I was leading, I have since used it as opening words for worship.

I believe in human beings, soft and squishy, changeable in body and mind.
I believe in the earth solid and firm into which I can dig my fingers, and all the things that thrive in and on that earth.
I believe in the force of light and life that flows in and through all existence connecting all with radiance and energy as the molecules bounce from place to place, free radicals and contained ones too.
I believe in life on this plane and life on others as well, places where we will be united again with those we love, and from where those we have loved and lost in body shine their love and support and watch over our spirits.
I believe that we are all one world body, and must learn to treat all as we would be treated… that there may be survival of the any that is the one.
I believe it is all about the we not the me.
(jasb 4/08)


Each of these sermons was written to be preached, rather than read. Imagine the sound of the voice and where it might linger, or pause rather than reading these as traditionally written texts.

Receiving check for Library at Main Line UU
There are many ways to successfully demonstrate and live our UU faith publicly one many congregations have adopted is the shared plate or Outreach offering here is Rev. Julie-Ann helping to present a community organization that promotes reading with a check.

Writings for Worship

This collection of opening words chalice lightings, prayers, meditations and closing words were written by Reverend Julie-Ann to be used in worship services.

Rev. Julie-Ann at table

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