The Reverend Julie-Ann Silberman-Bunn

Worship & Celebrations

Opening words written for four services


What is Growth
To grow…
A journey through past and present.
To remember only fragments of what has been
In favor of what is and what may be.
To reach out our hands in welcome.
Not knowing who will grasp and how long they will linger in the twining.
Stretching, stretching, stretching to embrace.
To embrace the unknown and the invisible.
The feeling, the pain, the concern, the whim
The desire discussed, shared into reality
The invisible nourished by transformation
The invisible made visible, shared.
Shared potential , made real, made tangible.
Made into love and compassion, into community.
From Community, into vision, into dream, into growth.
Let us grow together…


Opening Wide
Opening wide
A cavern growing, growing
Splitting my body to the core
Baring my soul.

What had been hidden
Now exposed, raw
Ragged edges of my heart beat
Out, out of my soul
Flows my spirit

Body---transient host
Of Spirit
Transmitting pain
Psyche to flesh
Conduit of the unknown
Opening, opening to the core of being

Reach deep within
To heal, to heal
Knowledge and understanding
Heal this pain, perpetual pain
Rising over and over again


Like wings
Fly from the lips
Of the living

Flapping in the breezes
Of life
Caught on the currents
And updrafts
The ecstasy of the will
Swept by the downdraft
Spiraling into the river
Of life’s heartache

Prayers catch
Thoughts and dreams
make them into magical
Invocations of the spirit
Glistening from eyes filled with hope
Anticipation and grace
Lead us out of the river
On wings of silk and gossamer


Children build with many kinds of blocks.
Gardens grow with many kinds of plants.
Buildings may be built with boards or bricks.
Communities are built with all of that, and with dreams and love.



Each of these sermons was written to be preached, rather than read. Imagine the sound of the voice and where it might linger, or pause rather than reading these as traditionally written texts.

Receiving check for Library at Main Line UU
There are many ways to successfully demonstrate and live our UU faith publicly one many congregations have adopted is the shared plate or Outreach offering here is Rev. Julie-Ann helping to present a community organization that promotes reading with a check.

Writings for Worship

This collection of opening words chalice lightings, prayers, meditations and closing words were written by Reverend Julie-Ann to be used in worship services.

Rev. Julie-Ann at table

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