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Creative spirit of light and life, of which we are a part,
Be with us now and as we struggle on our journeys into this new season of life.
Awakening in us the miracles of being that echo our human failings an which are the grace filled transitions from blessings to struggles and back again.

We ask for your wisdom and dignity to live our lives during this season with the carefree delight of our inner child and indulgence for the stoic and reserved adult who often forgets to smile at life’s idiosyncrasies, inconsistencies and obstacles.

Enable us to see the core of new life blossoming in each person we encounter and to recognize the beauty of the sacred in everything we stumble across on this twisting and rocky path which we journey. Reminding us to be grateful for the support of this worship community, of its richness and diversity, to be ever humble in recognizing our place in the web of life, knowing that it will sustain us. Salaam, Shalom, Amen and Blessed be.


Holy entity which is part of all existence, and inherent in the duality of all life; light and dark, day and night, earth and water, life and death. Divine being of male and female, you who are creator and breath of created, hold us tenderly as we struggle through our growing pains, encourage us to see opportunity in our fear, and creation in the stressful and chaotic situations of life.

We are breathing steadily and hoping that each breath will bring cleansing to our bodies and our minds that they might be stronger tools for building our lives, and healthier vessels to harbor the care and concern that enables us to be empathetic with the challengers and challenges that are before us.

We are grateful for the wisdom to face the choices life has placed on our tables and we ask that those gathered around be there to hold us in our trembling, to nudge us when we are ready but not quite brave enough to move and to push us when we are needing to be pushed….let us be together in silence to explore our growing edges….Amen


Spirit of the Ages. Loving God of Universalism, strong unified God of Unitarianism join with us. Nurture our community as we come together planting seeds for our future. We seek strength and patience as we work together, dream together, and share the tasks that will allow future generations the space and community in which to join together: in hope and prayer, in love and laughter, that they too may have a community in which to gather while they work to improve the future. Amen.


Each of these sermons was written to be preached, rather than read. Imagine the sound of the voice and where it might linger, or pause rather than reading these as traditionally written texts.

Receiving check for Library at Main Line UU
There are many ways to successfully demonstrate and live our UU faith publicly one many congregations have adopted is the shared plate or Outreach offering here is Rev. Julie-Ann helping to present a community organization that promotes reading with a check.

Writings for Worship

This collection of opening words chalice lightings, prayers, meditations and closing words were written by Reverend Julie-Ann to be used in worship services.

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