The Reverend Julie-Ann Silberman-Bunn

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Closing words written for two services

May you always find that in the waters of your life there is earth below and sky above, and that your community of faith will challenge you to live in peace and unrest to love and to serve as best you are able. Shalom, Salaam, Amen and Blessed be.


May you find in your life, in your days and your nights, the vision to notice when the vessel of your heart and soul are empty. May you find the inspiration to fill them with that which sustains, enriches and lends beauty. May you go in peace remembering always that a vessel, whatever it’s shape, is open. Open for possibilities. Shalom, Salaam, Amen and Blessed be.


Each of these sermons was written to be preached, rather than read. Imagine the sound of the voice and where it might linger, or pause rather than reading these as traditionally written texts.

Receiving check for Library at Main Line UU
There are many ways to successfully demonstrate and live our UU faith publicly one many congregations have adopted is the shared plate or Outreach offering here is Rev. Julie-Ann helping to present a community organization that promotes reading with a check.

Writings for Worship

This collection of opening words chalice lightings, prayers, meditations and closing words were written by Reverend Julie-Ann to be used in worship services.

Rev. Julie-Ann at table

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